1. The Project Brief

Each project begins with a face-to-face project briefing discussion between the Customer and Myself.

The meeting grants us each the opportunity to verify anything that could be unclear.

The Project Brief Form is important because it helps define the parameters that a Designer can work within.

It is necessary for the Project Brief Form to be filled-in accurately prior to any work commencing.

It is also important for the Customer to sign-off on both the Copywrite Agreement and Terms & Conditions Agreement either during or shortly after the project briefing discussion.

A written job estimate may also be requested or provided either during, or as a follow-up to this meeting.


2. Research & Developing

At this point, the Customer must decide if they are going to follow-up on the project.

The goal of this stage in the process is to become familiar with the Customer’s industry in a general sense.

Gathering relevant industry-specific information can provide a reference point to help a Designer make predictions about the market at a professional level.

Making simple visual connections between meaningful pieces of conceptual information creates a consistent and cohesive looking design.

A series of rough sketches and first initial concepts are to be drafted and submitted for review towards the end of this stage.


3. Design & Revision

Once several visual concepts are developed, the Customer must decide which design(s) are right for their needs.

After a series of proofs are reviewed by the Customer it is then their decision to select which proofs will need to fully-completed.

Once the Customer has decided which solution(s) need to be fully completed, the process is near it’s end.


4. File Delivery

At this point, the previously selected Right to Ownership Option found on the Copywrite Agreement Form dictates how the digital file is submitted, and to what capacity.


5. Final Production

The Final Digital Output can be used to produce:

Outdoor/Indoor Signage & Advertising
Point of Purchase Displays
Social Media Advertising
Large-Format Banners
Clothing & Apparel
Decals & Stickers
Vehicle Graphics

…and so much more!